Back to school! It was so weird- it felt like a Monday, but it was Friday! The kids were actually pretty well-behaved. At a meeting at the end of the day, we were talking about write-ups and I learned that my girl has the most write-ups in the entire school. NOT SHOCKED! She should really have a parapro with her at all times, but there is no money for that. The funky part is that I stopped writing her up the second month of school- these are all write-ups from other teachers! If I wrote everything up, it would be crazy numbers.

My DietBet ends Sunday morning. Right now, I am down to 182. If I can lose .7 pounds by then, I will have met my secondary goal. If I don’t, I am not concerned. The goal was to lose 7.8 pounds and I have lost 13! February is hard- Superbowl, Valentine’s Day, and then all these extra days at home between Pres. Day and the snow/ice days?! I am proud of myself! I will post a weight loss update when the diet bet ends, and let you know about my plans to continue losing!



After our fun snow day, we had another day off due to road conditions. It was like a weekend in the middle of the week! We hung out at home- caught up on TV shows and played around the house. Lazy days are the best!


Went to church this morning. Only 13 kids in the room I serve in, so it was an easy morning for me. The people I regularly serve with haven’t been showing up lately, so I have been in charge. It is slightly frustrating, but they may as well just make me the leader of a room next time because I have been fully immersed…

The evening church service was a challenging message for me. Basically, that it is more important to God that I am good with the other people around me than to focus on me & Him. I have been doing this ALL wrong.

It isn’t that I am hateful and horrible. But my relationship with my in-laws has been strained and my relationship with my stepmother has been nonexistent (for over 5 years). I feel the need to work on those. I do NOT feel the need to have an actual relationship with step-mom. But I do feel the need to clear the air, so to speak. We will see each other at funerals and weddings, and the last time that happened (the only the I had seen her in the 5 years) she chased me around asking to talk or hug her, and I continued telling her it wasn’t the time or place. I was correct in saying that, but now I need to make a time and place to make things OK. It is hard because I do not love her and do not care to speak to her. But if God requires me to love as He loves me…

I talk to my dad for 1-2 hours a week. We don’t talk about step-mom (his wife) unless he is just mentioning something they did together. He doesn’t ask me any questions. Like I said, I don’t want a relationship. I don’t want to talk to her on the phone weekly. But I should
be able to see her without it being awkward as hell. If I can forgive her, and apologize for my part (that will be extra hard) then maybe I can be in the same room with her without feeling like I am being eaten alive by maggots.

I texted my MIL a nice message. It was hard, as we have had a LOT of tension for years now. My heart was in my throat. But I did it. It wasn’t so bad. I feel better about things, sorta. Getting there…


We had a pretty good day yesterday! We went to the store yesterday evening and Noah got Lightning McQueen. They were out of Mater, so Josh drove to another store because “he needs a friend for McQueen.” Haha!