Work was work.

Then at home, Josh had an odd job for the evening so it was just Noah and I. We hung out & played all evening.

My Cosmic Boy Toddler Tula sold for $325 and I bought a new Everest Toddler Tula for $170. Hello, profit! And cute new Tula!




Had an IEP meeting today which went very interestingly…

Came home and went to the outlet stores, Smoothie King, Goodwill, and Subway.

Here is the haircut we gave Noah! We still need to shorten sides & back of it.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It is beautiful & warm here, so I enjoyed recess with my students.

When I got home, Noah and I played in the backyard with bubbles and chalk for a while.

Later, we decided to cut Noah’s hair. Poor baby hates that, but he did much better at home with us (using clippers) than he has at the kid hair salons. It is the shortest it has ever been, and it makes me so sad! But I will get over it… He looks older!


Today was gorgeous!

After work, I came home and strapped Noah into the Tula. We walked over to Kroger and got some dinner supplies.

We came home & ate salads, then went outside to color with chalk and have a popsicle.

Next, Noah got a bath and then we came downstairs to play “Monsters.” He is super into his Monsters University toys right now.

Finally, we relaxed and got a little quiet screen time- I caught up on a TV show while Noah played on his iPad.

Then into the bed. We read two books, said memory verses, prayed, and went to sleep!

I love my life! ❤